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Economy Builders of India

Comparative study of India two different Banks
State Bank of India and ICICI Bank

Comparison : The State Bank of India has lot of difference from ICICI bank India . The State Bank of India is a Government operated bank where as the ICICI Bank is private operated bank .The State Bank of India have 11111 branches in India it has also branches in other countries of the world where as ICICI Bank has 2900 branches in India and have covered 19 countries of the world as compare to State Bank of India covers all most 34 countries of the world . The State Bank of India is listed on BSE and NSE stock exchange on the other hand ICICI Bank has listed on New York stock exchange as well as BSE and NSE stock exchanges . The State Bank of India have 205,896 employees and still they are recruiting more and more employees where as ICICI Bank have very less number of employees only in few thousand part time – full time employees. (,,

Looking forward the State Bank of India was open in year 1806 by different name on the other hand the ICICI bank was in year 1955 it is formed by the initiative of the World Bank, the Government of India and representatives of Indian industry and it was originally promoted to ICICI Bank. The State Bank of India holds big customers as well as low level customers and ICICI Bank target rich and middle class customers . The time of offering service to the customers of State Bank of India is 10 am to 5 pm officially on other hand ICICI Bank has time from 9 am to 8 pm. The total assets was $369.59 billion where as ICICI Bank had total assets of $93 billion which is very less as compare to State bank of India. . (,,

Conclusion: The State Bank of India is still growing at more faster rate for its services to customers with new...
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