Sbi Clerical Exam Pattern & Overview

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SBI Clerical Exam Pattern & Overview

A secured job profile is a guarantee for future living and who would not like to have such a life time opportunity. SBI, the leading bank operational across India with its recruitment tools is opening new gates to people having curiosity in banking and finance. People who are looking forward to begin their career in this field can start with various clerical jobs. SBI Clerical Exam Pattern & Overview is one major aspect to give sleepless nights to the candidates. Isn’t it silly to prepare for an exam when exam pattern is unknown? It actually is because until an individual knows what he or she needs to prepare, it is foolish to cram the preparatory books and sample papers. Basic hygiene to help people prepare for these SBI clerical jobs is to know the exam pattern and having an overview about the same. SBI Clerical Exam Pattern & Overview is one hard nut to be cracked and if cracked can work wonders for the rest of the future!

An overview of the exam will help to figure the candidates their eligibility, how to apply, what to study and how to prepare post the exam.

The exam has been divided in two segments one is the written examination and post the written exam, candidates who are eligible, are called for the interview and thereafter the shortlisted candidates are finalized.

SBI Clerical Exam Pattern & Overview for the Written Examination

This part of the exam has been divided into following five sections and the features of each of them are to test the overall skills of the candidate, but one thing to be kept in mind is that it is an objective type test and so becomes a little easy. However changes to the patterns are entirely the decision of bank.

• General awareness is the first part and it aims to test the overall general knowledge. It incorporates all sorts of questions related to politics, events, dates, economy, authors and other happenings around the globe. It tests the IQ level and so is extensive...
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