Sba of Penelope

Topics: English-language films, Marriage, Love Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Good morning everyone, today I want to share a book which called Penelope. Do you guys read it before? If yes, it’s good. If not, you have to listen to what I say and you must get interest in it! I would talk about the factor of changeing Penelope’s destiny and the way of the writer conveys the message via the story.

For the change of Penelope’s destiny, Max and the wedding party are the main factors.

For Max, he had a happy moment with Penelope, at that moment, Penelope had already fall in love with him. Suddenly, she knew that Max got closer to her so as to get her photo. Her heart broke and she left from her home. Because of Max, she could see how big of the outside, she wanted to have freedom and her own life. If Max didn’t tell lie on her, she would not have the bravery to leave her family, then go to the outside and know the importance of having freedom.

For the wedding party, Penelope’s mum wanted her to marry with Edward in order to borke the curse. At the same time, Edward’s father wanted his son to marry her for getting the profit of his company. That means they all want to get the benefits from their marriage. But they didn’t love each other honestly. When the man asked them whether or not to be willing together, Penelope said no because she knew that she didn’t need to do something what she disliked. She enjoyed her life so much and she was happy to have her face.

For the message of this book is that whatever the appearance is good or not, you just need to love yourself. You don’t need to care about what the others say and comment on you. You don’t need to change for others because you are living for your own. The appearance of Annie is one of the examples. It is because she still wanted to be friend with Penelope no matter how ugly of her face was. Annie didn’t leave her alone. For example, when Penelope left from the hospital, Annie had already waited for her in the outside. This shows that Annie didn’t care about the appearance of...
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