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This project is a research on the effects of single parenting on families in the community of Newland which is in situated in the Parish of St. Catherine, Portmore within the vicinity of Portmore Lane and Cumberland. Newland host a little over 200 households and businesses. Approximately 30 % of the residents has a stable job hence another 10% is occasionally employed, crime is a major factor affecting the community This project tends to unveil the challenges associated with this family setting and how they overcome these challenges.

To better gather information questionnaires were given to twenty single parents that reside in the community.


It gives me great pleasure to express my gratitude and appreciation to the residents of Newland District who assisted me in the completion of this School Based Assessment (S.B.A). I must gracefully thank the Lord for granting me the knowledge and strength needed to complete this project. A million thanks to my Social Studies teacher Mr. Austin for teaching the class in the best and easiest way possible.


What are some of the challenges encountered by single parents in the community of Newland District, Portmore ?

1. What are some of the issues which result in single parent families?

2. How does single parenting impact on the lives of children?

3. What can be done to prevent the increase of single parent families in the community?

4. Why are females most likely to be the single parent?


The researcher chose this area of research as he’s alarmed and quite disturbed by the situation where one parent is abandoned and has to perform the role of both mother and father, while the other is permanently or frequently absent. The researcher feels that single parenting contributes significantly to the crime rate in her community and as a result, wants to discover what contributes to single parent families and how they survive the challenges that exist with the situation.


The researcher chose observation and the use of a questionnaire as the method of investigation. This is so as people might feel more comfortable responding to questions physically than verbally. This also enables information to be better understood and analyzed.

The questionnaire can be taken home to be retrieved at a later date; hence, ample time is given to answer questions.


Newlands District

Newlands P.O.


St. Catherine.

Dear Participant,

I am herby conducting a survey being in the community of Newlands District. I intent to highlight the challenges associated with single parenting. This study is being conducted as an assignment for a Social Studies course the researcher is presently pursuing. Attached is a questionnaire, you are advised to answer the following questions honestly and truthfully. You do not have to write your names on the paper as no one will know who answered. There are no wrong or right answers, most of the questions can be answered by a tick in the box. Please note that instructions are given where necessary.

Yours Respectfully


Rayvon Davis

Sample Community Questionnaire

Tick your response where necessary OR write on lines provided where applicable.

1. To what gender...
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