Sb-1070 Media Reaction

Topics: Immigration to the United States, United States, Arizona Pages: 3 (905 words) Published: October 12, 2011
Media Reaction on SB-1070
Pedro A Viorato
September 22, 2011
Susan Sureby

Media Reaction on Immigration
Immigration issues are not issues only encountered here in the United States, but are also issues faced throughout the world. There have been numerous of debates on the issues of immigration in the United States. The most controversial was the passing of a new bill in Arizona. Governor Jan Brewer passed into Arizona legislature the SB1070, which became very controversial because of the demands that this law was enforcing. This controversial bill gives any Arizona law enforcement personnel full authority to stop any people who they think have reasonable suspicion of living in the United States illegally. It also gives them the authority to detain those individuals during the verification of their immigration status, and to arrest any undocumented immigrants. The SB1070 also knows as the “Support our Law Enforcement and safe Neighborhoods Act” also covers how someone living in the state of Arizona illegally is a crime, and for those who harbor and help any undocumented people by the aid of transportation is also a crime. Although the toughest portion of the Arizona law was blocked, it was still implemented into effect. The judge stopped the most controversial part of the bill that was the section which required any law enforcement personnel to verify the immigration status of anyone they suspected where in the United States illegally (Richey, 2010). The SB-1070 implemented by Governor Jan Brewer was intended to deport more illegal aliens to their perspective country because the federal government was not doing their job in deporting enough immigrants. The media piece covered for this weeks assignment is trying to portray that all illegal aliens living in Arizona will be very much hunted and sent back to their country. This piece was very biased because of the fact that the SB-1070 was in a way promoting racial profiling, stereotyping,...
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