Saying Goodbye!!

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I've learned that goodbyes will always hurt, pictures never replace having been there, memories, good or bad, will bring tears and words can never replace feelings. There were many things I wanted to write before writing on the word goodbye, but life takes a man to where fate has decided and it never goes in the neat little order we desire. I never thought that saying goodbye would be so hard. I am 14 but life has taught me one thing that u might forget the place where you were born but u won’t forget the place or people who made you feel so special. I have to accept that for every hello you say, there's a sad goodbye. I remember it was 18 June 2008 I was jolted into real life. Sometimes being strong means being able to let go, but I wasn’t strong to concede that the time is up and finally I have to say goodbye to the one who made me laugh, who made me realize that I was better than anyone, who made me feel like a princess, who let me sleep in her arms when I was all alone and who spent her nights to tell me stories about prophets. It was 18 June 2008, it seemed to me that everything around me had stood idle, there was silence because my ears were not ready to accept what they just heard, and my mind repeated the words- grandmother has passed away. I went to my home town for her funeral, she was cold because she was dead, I couldn’t believe that she was the same lady I met a month ago. Her lips were silent with no smile, her eyes were closed with no spark, and her heart was in her chest with no beat of life and a body with no soul. I finally had to say goodbye forever because according to the law of nature there is no hope of meeting her again in this world and I’ll never get a chance to tell her how much I loved her. I might meet her in the next world, in the life after death but not until my heart is beating and my soul is within me. I wish that GOD give human one last chance to meet with the one they love and if that was possible I would...
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