Saxophone and Musical Education

Topics: Saxophone, Orchestra, Jazz Pages: 17 (5171 words) Published: May 12, 2012

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Adolphe Sax4

Anatomy of the saxophone5

Saxophone and Jazz6

Saxophone in Other Music Genres7

International Adolph Sax Contest7

Contest for Young Saxophonists8

The ‘Mise à Sax’8

Musical Education for Students from Elementary School to High School in Belgium9

Musical Education in the United States9

Point of View10




First of all, I chose the saxophone as the subject of my paper because this instrument has helped me learn so many other things in addition to the music. However, I didn’t want to focus only on the saxophone; I wanted to put the practice of an instrument in the context of the musical education that I received in Belgium and contrast this with the musical education that I received in South Carolina, United States, as I was abroad for a year.

This paper starts with a biography of Adolph Sax, the inventor of the Saxophone. Adolph Sax was not only a great musician but also a master in the design of instruments. Secondly, a presentation of the anatomy of the saxophone follows the biography. This section is not a complex section; indeed my goal was to give an overview of the saxophone technicalities. The third and the fourth sections are about the Saxophone in different music genres. In the third, I’m only going to talk about the jazz genre; indeed for many people saxophone is the symbol of jazz and this is because of the popularity of this music genre through which the saxophone became famous. The fourth section is about the saxophone in all other music genres. Indeed, whether in classical music, Rhythm and Blues, rock, or in traditional Western European countries music, the saxophone has found its place.

The fifth, sixth and the seventh sections are dedicated to the International Adolph Sax Contest which takes place every four years in Dinant. The fifth section is about this contest, its creation, its courses, and why this contest has become the best contest of the world for young saxophonists. The sixth section is about the contest for young saxophonists. This contest is like the ‘baby brother’ of the International Adolph Sax Contest. This contest is open to every saxophonist from Belgium and Luxembourg. Finally the last section about the International Adolph Sax Contest is about the ‘Mise à Sax’. This is a gathering of more than 1500 saxophonists for a special concert in Dinant just before the final of the contest.

The last two sections are about musical education and the practice of an instrument. The first is about the teaching in Belgium and the second one is about the teaching in the United States. I hope that those two sections will give a good contrast between two very different ways of teaching musical education, and the place of an instrument in the life of a student.

Finally, I give my opinion about musical education and the practice of an instrument. By taking proof from my own life experience, I’m writing about socialization, time and stress management, opening to others culture, …

Adolphe Sax

Antoine-Joseph Sax, known as Adolphe Sax, was born on November 6th in 1814 in Dinant, Belgium. He was the oldest of 11 children. Adolph Sax was lucky to survive to his childhood. Indeed he survived through more than 5 deadly accidents such as falling from a third-story window or drowning in a river. His father, Charles Joseph Sax was a gifted cabinet maker and provided musical instruments for the Dutch Army Band. Naturally, Adolph Sax followed his father’s footsteps and started working in the family business as his father’s apprentice.

Even though he was working for his father, Adolph Sax pursued the musical side of his education at the Royal University of Brussels. He played flute and studied singing. At 15 years old, Adolph Sax started to design his own...
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