Saxonville Sausage Company

Topics: Qualitative research, Sausage, Marketing Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Based on the focus groups method we are able to study and analyze customer behavior toward our Italian sausage brand ‘Vivio’. Based on qualitative and quantitative research we are able to understand target consumers needs and behaviors, positioning ideas, refine the learning to concepts and scores of these concepts. Qualitative steps gave us depth and help to surface ideas while the quantitative piece will validate those ideas across a broader population. My recommendation is to continue with Vivio - Saxonville’s Italian sausage as brand name and position as ‘Family connection’. Focus group is formed based on the Activity and Usage data. From first step (Exhibit 4) Italian sausage made their lives easier because it is a meal that their husband and children’s enjoyed. Italian sausage mainly purchased by women who are very passionate about cooking. Vivio has consumers are very loyal to the brand. Saxonville has good reputation as ‘The Family Company’ and good product belief in other Italian sausage brand users. Woman enjoyed Italian Sausage dinner because it’s convenient and family pleasing. Vivio brand positioning such a way that it should appeal female more, because they are the main purchasers and cook at home for dinner. Vivio Sausage brand is a used along with other dishes indicates that strong customer base and very strong interest towards it. From consumer position voting ‘Family Connection’ received 53.62% of votes where as clever cooking and other options received much lesser percentage. This indicates that ‘Family Connection’ gives more emotional benefits. Also 32.4% responded to definitely or probably for buying ‘Family connection’ concept. Family Connection concept is very interesting to Woman who looks for healthy dinner for entire family than a quick meal. This is the emotional benefit of the positioning concept. This goes along with Saxonville’s company and Italian Sausage brand. Functional benefits are its very convenient, healthy fresh meal and...
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