Saxonville Sausage Case Study

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  • Published : August 2, 2012
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Ann Banks, new product marketing director at Saxonville Sausage Company, needs to launch a national Italian sausage brand. Saxonville needs to bring this to market in order to achieve its profit objectives for the next fiscal year. Ms. Banks’ main problem lies in the positioning of Saxonville’s current sausage product, Vivio. Should Ms. Banks try it with authenticity, or fresh and locally made? A distinctive identity needs to be created in order for this to be a successful line, and may put Saxonville in a good position to grasp market share in this expanding sector.

In order to effectively position Saxonville’s sausage, Ms. Banks would need to know and understand whom exactly the company was targeting. Knowing this critical information is necessary in order to position this product. The research she embarked upon was crucial. Without it, no educated decision could be made. As the research ensued, multiple positioning aspects could begin to be talked about. This includes the name, whether or not Saxonville should keep the name Vivio for their new and improved sausage brand. Packaging needs to be thought about. Advertising to what group needs to be thought about. But none of that could be done without the research.

Ms. Banks’ research was intensive, extensive, and all-inclusive. She was able to acquire much data. Her approach included more qualitative data than quantitative data. This is not usually the case. In order for her proposal to be accepted, she would have to show numbers. Instead of focusing on the numbers, she took a risk, and found most of the qualitative data first, and then used that to retrieve the numbers. The most important piece of research Banks first came up with was the target market. Research showed that women did most of the shopping and cooking, and so the focus was on the housewife, mother, and woman of the house. Now, the team could come up with concepts. Each focused on different emotional and functional...
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