Saxonville Sausage

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Saxonville Sausage Case
Problem/ Opportunity Statement
Ann Banks, the product marketing director at Saxonville Sausage Company, is faced with the challenge of figuring out how to position their Italian sausage product in order to capture a larger market share of the growing sausage industry. Saxonville’s Italian sausage has sold successfully, but is only available in 16% of the nation’s large supermarket chains. In order to capitalize on the opportunity presented by the growing market, Ann must choose a strategy to position the product in a manner that will create demand on a national scale. Situation Analysis

One influence that contributes towards the fact that Vivio is not considered one of the “major players” is that they have done no positioning for the product outside of what they put on the packaging. Consumers know nothing about Vivio, aside from what they can read on the box. Luckily for Saxonville, the growing market has allowed for Vivio to succeed in spite of their poor attempt at marketing the product. Another influential factor in the case is whether or not Saxonville wants to present Vivio as a local product, or as an authentic Italian product (or as both, though the ideas clash somewhat). This is important, considering it has a large effect on how consumers feel about the product. Ann wanted to know what option fit the brand best, and what consumers would respond to in a positive way. Another point of emphasis in the case is how Saxonville will choose to present the brand to customers. Ann made it a priority to find out what the values are of the target market. Focus groups allowed them to boil down these values to the two best-scoring options; “Family Connection” and “Clever Cooking”. Saxonville needs to figure out how to package, market, and increase customer connection based on what they gathered from the consumer focus groups. Objectives

* Increase overall sales of Vivio (or replacement brand name X) Italian Sausage product....
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