Saxonville Sausage

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  • Published : April 19, 2008
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Although Saxonville Sausage have been profitable for over seventy years, I feel that the addition of the Italian Sausage to their product line finally opened the gates to the northeastern markets for The Saxonville Sausage Company. Lucrative northeast cities such as New York, Philadelphia, and Boston have a large Italian-American demographic, and as a result the Italian Sausage is hot selling product. While Bratwurst, and Breakfast Sausage are their number one and two products (in terms of percentage of total sales), both have produced diminutive sales in northeastern stores. While the Vivio line had been prosperous by then, there is still plenty of work to be done, and they must demonstrate innovation and quality within their product and their strategy. There are numerous companies that exclusively sell Italian Sausage to the northeast. Since Saxonville Sausage are competing against consumer known companies for the same target market, a creative potential positioning concept is vital. The first step into developing a strong food marketing campaign is knowing your product, and determining what can be done to improve upon it. Saxonville Sausage has to deal with plants, unions, shipping, packaging, and health regulations. Due to all these constraints, competing is difficult for small companies. Managing the business that they already have is a challenge, introducing a new product is pretty difficult. The size of Saxonville Sausage is an edge, and that edge is Pre-Cooked Sausage. Many of the Italian Sausage companies located throughout the northeast operate on one single plant that can only produce the basic ground sausage link that you find next to the hamburgers at the supermarket. In order for them to produce Pre-Cooked Sausages, they must have it done at an external plant, and that can be very pricey. Usually these companies only offer the Pre-Cooked Sausage at stadiums and outdoor carts. Since Saxonville Sausage has the resources to produce the Pre-Cooked...
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