Savior Case Study

Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, Brand Pages: 2 (408 words) Published: February 18, 2012
Case Recap
Savior is an upscale restaurant located in west Omaha for the past five years in the affluent Rockbrook Village Strip Mall. Savior avoids the corporate appearances of chain restaurants and will update its menu every six months to keep it fresh and updated. Savior will try to buy from local businesses for its ingredients, trying to keep the ingredients as fresh as possible. The restaurant holds 115 people, the busiest time being during the lunch hour, but for the dinner rush, Savior has room for an average of 50 more people to fill the dining room. Savior uses the social networks to promote it, but wants to find better ways to improve the use and ways to reduce the costs with the use of promotions on the social networks. The other issue Savior is facing, is how to improve its catering service to be more competitive and weather to expand the catering service into a different location or adding to the location Savior is already located. Savior has looked into the costs of expanding leasing another building. The estimated cost would be $2,500 plus $600 for incidentals. To cover those costs, the sales would of to be $2000 a week. This marketing plan will explain the questions that Savior has about expending its catering service and the use of social networks.

Problem Identification

SWOT Analysis
Strengths:·Successful Brand Name for both Frito-Lay and Cracker Jack·7.1 percent of U.S. Households consume Cracker Jack.·Frito-Lay already has a distribution system in place for the products it already sells.·Frito-Lay has financial depth to expand and advertise the Cracker Jack line.|Opportunities:·Chance to grow the Cracker Jack line with the name recognition·Chance to cross promote with other Frito-Lay brands·Chance to share distribution costs among all Frito-Lay brands, helping reduce overhead costs.·Chance to share manufacturing costs with other brands if produce Cracker Jack at an existing Frito-Lay manufacturing plant.|...
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