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Savion Glover and His Influence on Tap Dance

"The beat is basically what takes you through life. Whether we have an up-tempo beat or a slow beat. It's just a beat. There will always be the beat, you know, and there's rhythm in everything," Savion Glover. Dance has always been considered an art of expression but it is the certain individuals who make dance come alive and speak to the masses. Savion Glover is one of these talents, considered as a child prodigy, who has redefined the meaning of tap dancing and tap culture around the world. He is noted as one of the best tap legends of his time, influenced by tappers such as Buster Brown, Chuck Green, and Lon Chaney. Savion Glover’s story is not shy of emotion or rhythm as he has self expressed his way into the hearts of all human beings through tap dance.

From a young child, Savion Glover had an amazing sense of rhythm. He was born November 19, 1973 in Newark, New Jersey and just four years later, began drumming. He excelled and quickly out grew his drumming classes. Savion became the youngest person in the history of the school to receive a scholarship for Newark Community School of the Arts. In an interview with Charlie Rose in 1996, he recalled his introduction into tap. During a drumming performance, Glover saw Chuck Green and became fascinated with how his feet dramatically hit the ground. He told his mom to sign him up and from there began taking lessons. Other tap legends including Harold Nicholas, Fred Astaire, Gregory Hines, and Bill “Bojangles” Robinson went from playing the drums to tap dancing. There has always been a connection with drums and tap dancing because of the beat. During the pre-civil war South, slaves were not allowed to have drums and therefore many turned to tap dancing as a way to create rhythm. From the start of Savion’s tapping career, he would become iconic in the world of dance.

At the start of Glover’s tapping career he attracted the attention of the...
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