Savings: Investment and Business Research Methodology

Topics: Investment, Stock and flow, Student Pages: 2 (381 words) Published: December 29, 2012
Habit of saving among Indians has prevented a major impact of the global recession on the domestic economy. Around 28 students from 21 different countries, who visited Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI) for business research methodology and data analysis programme, were really impressed by this peculiar habit of locals and vowed to develop such habit in their life.

“Unlike the US, which is a spending economy, India is a saving economy. This very fact has indeed helped the country to insulate itself from the global meltdown. Indians try their best to save their earnings to the best extent possible and so, major part of the earnings remains intact in various investment avenues and the capital also appreciates with the passage of the time. In other countries, people tend to spend most of the income. They may have not developed habit for saving like India due to incredibility of local banks,” said Jignasu Yagnik, project director at EDI.

“Since last 4 weeks, some foreign students are in India and they have observed spending and saving pattern of Indians. They realise that saving major chunk of income really helps in the times of crisis. In their countries, people are not habitual to saving major chunk of the earnings,” he added.

While talking to DNA, Thi Thu Nga, a student from Vietman, said, “In our country, people usually spend large amount from earnings, as we believe saving money reflects sense of insecurity. But after observing saving pattern of Indians, I believe saving money is quite advisable, as it really works, especially in the times of crisis.”

“We save almost 15% of our total earnings, which is less when compared to proportion of savings in India. Though we came here to learn business research methodology, the thing which has really impressed us is saving pattern of local people. Moreover, my view that investment in real estate is a dead investment, has been changed totally and now I believe that it is a lucrative investment tool,”...
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