Saving the Whales

Topics: Humpback whale, Cetacea, Mammal Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: April 23, 2011
Saving the Whales
When I think about the ocean, I think about all the animals that live in it, including the whales. Whale hunting has been going on for decades. These huge ships go out into the sea and capture whales; they claim they are capturing them for research. What kind of research exactly? I do not know. One article I read on the issue said that the whales used for the research end up being a meal more times than not. In other words, they capture the whales, do their “research” and then kill the whales and use their meat for meals.

I think the capturing of whales is a very big moral matter. It seems very immoral to me to go and kill innocent animals and then sell their meat to marketers for food. One reason it is immoral is because first of all they are lying. They are claiming they capture the whales only for research and then still kill them anyways. If only research was being done then there is no reason why they should have to kill the animal after the research has concluded. Another reason it is immoral is because soon enough those whales will be extinct.

Well, the only dilemma I can come up with on this issue that affects my community is that we do have a couple of Japanese restaurants. I know a few months ago a Japanese restaurant in Los Angeles was closed down because they got caught using whale meat in their meals. I am not going to sit here and say that the Japanese restaurants in my town are actually using whale meat, because that would be a biased opinion, and I honestly have no idea on that matter because I have never eaten at either of the restaurants previously mentioned.

The reason I have decided to address this matter is because I believe that saving the whales is very important to our planet. Each creature that is on this planet was put here for a reason. For someone to come along and just kill the innocent animals for no other reason than to use them for so called research is disgusting. The matter has gotten so out of hand...
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