Saving Private Ryan Film Critique

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  • Published : January 9, 2013
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Saving Private Ryan Film Critique

English 225-Introduction of Films
November 23, 2011

Saving Private Ryan storyline is dated back to 1944 in during Normandy in which three of his brothers also serving in the United States Military were killed and he was the only surviving sibling found to be alive during one of the biggest conflicts in US history. The story line depicts the time in which going to war did not necessary mean that coming home was guaranteed. Many men volunteered or were drafted to fight a war that they may or may not have believed in. The timeline in which everything unfolds in the movie occurs in chronological order, due to the fact that after the deaths of Private Ryan’s brother a team was put together with a mission to go and bring home to only surviving brother. The move showed powerful and moving heroic activity to many men that gave their lives for the very freedoms many take for granted together. As a US Marine Corp vet and currently serving in the US Air force, I can relate to the sacrifice that these brave men gave on the beach in Normandy. As well as the sacrifice many gave to find their fellow brethren and bring him back home safely. Mission first and leave no fallen comrade behind is the way of life on the battlefield and was depicted to the fullest in this movie.

No one man was left behind, no matter how detrimental their injuries where any and all medical care was given. The dog tags where retrieved in order to give back to the grieving family who may have lost more than one on the battlefield for freedom. Patriotism is symbolic in any war because it shows the true allegiance and honor that man has to die for its country so that others many live in freedom. The images of the American flag transitioning throughout the movie in various scenes allows those watching it not to forget what and why the fight was going on. The message that can be learned from the movie is that freedom by any means is not free. From the beaches of Normandy to the mountains in Afghanistan there is a cost for the freedoms that we enjoy in our everyday life that many take for granted. In today’s world, the 1% of men and women volunteer to ensure that those freedoms are defended with the upmost honor and integrity above and beyond reproach.

Throughout the film the critical roles of Tom Hanks that portrayed the CPT Miller in charge of the mission to go and find Private Ryan that was played by Matt Damon and other supporting characters that played important and key roles in the rescue. In certain scene’s more emphasis was on key leaders and figures to ensure that the mission was carried out successfully and when they were injured or killed others immediately stepped up and took charge. One of the more honorable task that one can posses in not on the movie but real life military is to step up in the face of fear and danger and lead others into battle. In such scene such as the end where Private Ryan is showed respect to CPT Miller’s gravestone, the man who ultimately gave his life after the successful rescue of Private Ryan. In that scene you could feel the sense of pride and patriotism at the cemetery as the transition from the gravestone to the American flag symbolism the sacrifice of one man’s life for the freedom of another.

Though the movie was based on a real life event that took place in history, the characters throughout the movie where not in any way related to active military service. They portrayed the heroic characters of those they were part of that historic moment in military history. Many that went on to play in other important roles in military such as Matt Damon who portrayed an Army Warrant officer in Green Zone. Even without having served in the military, the actors portrayed in a great respect those that had past, present, and future.

With that being said, the...
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