Saving Private Ryan

Topics: Saving Private Ryan, Tom Hanks, Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: October 2, 2012
Saving Private Ryan – Movie Analysis
1. Throughout the movie, Captain Miller continues to lead his enemy unit even when he thinks the mission’s objectives are not worth risking the lives of his men and his own life. How and why does he convince his men to continue in this seemingly meaningless assignment? Captain Miller persuades his cooperative men to go above and beyond their assignment, inspiring them to see the big objective of winning the war, resolving moral conflicts among his men, and empowering them to face German forces that are much greater than them. 2. The story shows confusion and suffering during a horrific time in history. What does it say about the human spirit? Does it attempt to glorify or celebrate war? What does it seem to celebrate? Saving the life of Private James Ryan, a farm boy from Lowa, may be the one moral and decent thing Miller and his men are able to do in the midst of the confusion and suffering during a horrific time in history. It does not glorify war; it glorifies its reluctant warriors, not because they are heroic, but because they do their duty, overcoming their fears for survival. 3. During the opening scene, Captain Miller leads a successful invasion to break through the enemy lines. How was his leadership in this scene different from his leadership in other situations during the movie? During the opening scene, the men look to Captain Miller for direction. He was the one who understood the actions and conflicts in the midst of the war and was able to pull the surviving men together to break through the German forces. Later in the movie, Miller puts the lives of his men before his own because he feels responsible for their safety and he was forced to think critically out of the box to reach his goal. 4. Given all of the sacrifice and losses, was the mission a success or failure? The mission was a success. The men were able to learn self-confidence, self-awareness, and humility from Miller. The men finally...
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