Saving Ourselves - Shark Hunting

Topics: Shark, Fish, Shark finning Pages: 2 (790 words) Published: November 26, 2011
Two-thirds of world’s surface is water, and over 80% of life on Earth lives in the ocean. Ocean plays a main role in regulating climate and feeding much of the planet. But in past a hundred years people were destroying the balance in the ocean and the ecosystem. One of the major activities is illegal shark poaching. Every year 30 to 70 million sharks are killed to support a growing worldwide trade in their fins and other products. Now, more than three hundred species of sharks are endangered. Shark-finning became a profits industry due to the increasing demand for shark-fin soup in Asia. “One pound of fin is worth more than $200US and the shark-fin industry is a billion-dollar juggernaut.”(Sharkwater) The shark-fin soup had been around for centuries, but only in the last two decades that it boomed in popularity. It is a symbol of wealth, and served as a sign of respect. Sharks-fins soup is a delicacy in Asia, which is utterly ludicrous given that the fins themselves are tasteless and merely add texture. (Yong) And people believe that sharks don’t get sick as easily as other animals do. They also think they have magical power to heal and people can be stronger from eating shark-fins soup. The cartilage is also being sold as a cancer or arthritis treatment; however, here is no scientific backing to this at all. Over 90% of the shark population in the world is gone now, and soon there won’t be any left, if people keep killing sharks.(Sharkwater) Every day people is just talking about saving pandas, elephants and bears, but here is no any international regulations to protect sharks. Why? It is because we’ve been told in our whole life, since we’re a kid, sharks are dangerous. We’re warned if we swim too far into the ocean. Most information of sharks that people hear about is from media. For instance, afraid of white shark is based on the movie Jaws, and the misconception is still floating around. However, the fact is sharks do not eat people, and they rarely bite...
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