Saving Nemo-Vanuatu- Video Reaction Paper

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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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The ‘Saving Nemo- Vanuatu’ is a documentary based on the export of crown fish, which became famous since the movie ‘Finding Nemo’ released, is fished from the waters of Vanuatu by a foreign company and exported to other countries such as Australia and United States of America. The names of the cultures represented in the documentary are traditional culture that is shown by the people of Vanuatu, on the island of Nuna, “the magic man declares taboo invoking the spirits to protect sea and whoever defies will face sickness or death”. Another culture that is represented in this documentary monetary culture that is exhibited by the SRS, and the politicians of Vanuatu who have sold their marine ecosystem to SRS for little money, the politicians are given bribe by the SRS to operate in Vanuatu. The third culture that I think is represented in the documentary is the coral reef culture. It shown by the marine biologist who talks about sustaining the coral reef and teaching the children who are not familiar with coral reefs about how to preserve it and familiarizes them with it. The point of view that is reflected through the sound track is that of the narrators. The way the narrator presents the situation to the audience is interesting. It creates a feel of what is actually happening in the documentary and what are the issues faced by the people there. His voice makes me connected to the situation. The presence of the camera and film crew may have influenced the action of the people presented, because the way the acted during the filming showed that they were not natural, example the magic man was smiling while imposing the taboo. Also the fisheries department had been lying and giving statements such as that statement is false and disagreed with anything brought up by the narrator who asked the question, he may been scared at that point on giving his own views as he might lose his job if he disagreed with the government. The film creates both disgust and empathy. It...
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