Saving Money by the Use of Coupons

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Saving Money by the use of Coupons

Thesis: To inform the audience on how to save money using coupons.

Would you walk past a $50 bill lying in the road? If I hadn't used my coupons and strategic shopping methods, I would have paid $50 more than I did on my last shopping trip. Isn't that the same thing? As an average shopper every week you go to the grocery store looking up and down the isles for the items you need. There are always long lines and you always seem to forget something. You get home and realize you paid more than last week and went over your allotted monthly budget. To keep this from happening, coupons can be used to help keep you at, or below your budget. Coupon use is on the rise. What is a coupon? A coupon is a set of detachable certificates that maybe torn off and redeemed for a product as needed. Coupons are proven to save money, to provide structured meal plans, and to make grocery shopping less stressful.

I.According to the United States Department of Agriculture, as of August 2011, the average cost of food for a family of four; two adults and two children between the ages of 2-5 is $124.60-241.10 per week. With the two children being between the ages of 6-11 it is 142.80-281.30. (Unites States Department of Agriculture Food Plans)

A.Stephanie Nielson from tells how some people save $100 per week with the use of coupons. This is a total savings for up to $5200 a year. (

B.Lauren Keelings from WTAP news writes Coupons are back! While the use has dwindled since 1992, American shoppers are breaking out the scissors and clipping those coupons with renewed interest. Fortunately, for today's savvy savers, coupons and deals are more prevalent and easier to find than ever. From the Sunday papers, to the World Wide Web -- you're just a cut and click away from putting money BACK IN your pocketbook. (WTAP News)

C.Not only can you save on groceries there are many other sources...
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