Saving Lives with Blood Donations

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Saving lives with Blood Donations|
Prof. Aguilar|
John Pafford|

] Saving lives with Blood Donations|

Saving lives with Blood Donations

1. Blood donated to the American Red Cross will help save lives every day.

2. People should give blood because, it is easy and though there might be a little pain involved it is worth it because it saves so many lives and you get great snacks.

Giving blood is easy you just walk in and talk to someone, let them know you want to give. It only takes about an hour, with all the paper work and drawing of blood. You can lay back and let the nurses do the work. Nurses know what they are doing as to drawing blood. It generally doesn't hurt much at all. Even though some are not sure and are afraid to have blood taken, for it is like a pinch on the arm.

II. The blood you give saves lives; there are many types blood that just is not enough. a. People in accidents, people having surgery, and women having babies are saved. b. Tell story of whose life was saved when started hemorrhaging after the birth. (Example) to be said later). Back in (1975 to 77) I was an EMT (Emergency Medicinal Technician)

III. If that isn't enough reason, how about you get great snacks a. You’re not allowed to leave until you get something to drink and eat like crackers, cookies and juice b. There are blood drives that restaurants donate food:

1. Blood drives from vans that travel most anywhere you want to give. Please start your blood donation right away.
2. If you cannot donate right away. I urge you to donate blood through the American Red Cross because it is easy, you will get great service, snacks, and most importantly, you will save lives!

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