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Saving Electricity

By | July 2012
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Consumers are reeling from the sudden shoot up in fuel prices at the pump, paying $4 or more per gallon for regular gasoline. Unfortunately, home energy prices are also going up, stinging homeowners with increases of !0-50% over the past year.

While you may be able to cut back on driving, you may not be able to do so with cooling your home, especially if you live in an area where high temperatures and stifling humidity reigns supreme all summer long.

There are ways you can reduce your energy consumption without being very uncomfortable this summer. Less energy burned means more money that will stay in your wallet, a good thing because you’ll need those extra funds to pay for gas!

The following tips can help you gain control over your electrical usage this summer:

Replace your thermostat — If you still have a manually operated thermostat, consider replacing it with an electronic one. By automatically setting the inside temperatures to go up and go down at strategic times of the day (like just before you come home from work), you’ll be able to cool down the house without wasting electricity. Consider also getting your HVAC system tuned up for the hottest months of the year.

Close your blinds — If any part of your home gets direct sunlight at certain times of the day, make sure your blinds are closed and your curtains drawn during those hours. Your air-conditioner won’t need to kick on as quickly when the inside of your home remains cooler longer.

Run the dishwasher and clean clothes at night — Many utility companies structure their rates to charge you more for using their services during peak hours. Hold off washing the dishes and running the dishwasher until the evening and you’ll save a nice amount of money. Check with your electrical company to find out when the lowest rates apply.

Take control of your lighting — Turn lights off when not needed and consider replacing bulbs with lower watt bulbs wherever possible. Also, incandescent lighting...

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