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Topics: Epidemiology, Medicine, Ilocos Norte Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: October 13, 2010
Mr. Turibio experienced childhood diseases such as chicken pox. He suffered this disease last May 18, 2009 and he managed it by having check-up in GRBASMH. He was prescribed with paracetamol and antibiotics but he can no longer remember the specific name of those drugs. They also manage it with traditional practices such as burning onions and he was restricted to eat fried foods. Up to now he never have measles and mumps. cough, colds and fever are also common illnesses that were experienced by Mr. Toribio . Cough, colds and fever are managed by going to hospital for consultation and taking OTC drugs such as Bioflu and Mefenamic Acid for cough and colds and Paracetamol for fever and enough bed rest and sleep. According to him he also met motorcycle accident in San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte with some abrasions . He never consulted at the hospital, he just manage it by cleaning with agua oxinada and applying betadine and antibiotic ointment. His first hospitalization when he was 10 years old at MMMH because of pneumonia . He have been with surgical drain serve as drainage of the fluid in his lungs. He also stated that he receive complete vaccination namely: 1 dose of BCG, 3 doses of OPV, 3 doses of DPT, 3 doses of Hepa B and 1 Measles vaccine . He has no known allergy.

Nursing Diagnosis:
Readiness for enhanced therapeutic regimen management related to development of pattern of regulating and integrating daily living for treatment of hypertension as manifested by no unexpected acceleration of illness symptoms, describes reduction of risk factor and expresses desire to manage the illness Nursing Interference:

Hypertension is a disease that cannot be totally eradicate but rather it can be controlled and can be prevented and if it is not properlyl manage it can lead to different complications.In order to prevent the occurrence of this, it is necessary to enhanced the therapeutic regimen management of the...
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