Save the World with the Three Rs

Topics: Education, School, Psychology Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: March 13, 2013
One Thing Can Change Everything

Have you ever thought of how changing a little thing in our daily life can make a huge difference? Well I have, and I have decided that education can change. Human should be more educated. Not only at school, but also at home. At the end this will help indirectly with many other problems and will make us live on a better planet.

The first step to achieve this goal, which is a pretty easy thing to do, is enforcing education. Just cutting the prices of education as well as materials related to it makes the difference. This will make it much more affordable. There are so many people that would love to assist school and they can’t. With this lowering of the prices we will all be able to access education if we wish to. The monetary status won’t be a factor in this decision.

The second step in educating more people and in better ways is actually a result of the first step. This second step is providing a better education since early ages. This is not possible in many houses in the 21th century, but our next generations in the next centuries will be educated better and will be able and willing to teach their children basic lessons and dedicate them time and give them the attention they need.

This change in education is a thing I would personally like to change because it is sad looking at kids working and asking for money at the streets, robbing, or even killing people. I am sure they don’t do this because they want. They do it because they need to do so in order to survive. All of this is a effect of this specific topic, the great amount of people that is not able to receive a proper education or that didn’t had one at all. People that didn’t attend r didn’t finish school. It can be because their parents didn’t have the money or because they just didn’t felt like sending them. In the future, the “I don’t have the money” or the “I can’t afford it” won’t be an excuse because education will keep becoming cheaper and cheaper....
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