Save the Last Dance

Topics: Dance Pages: 1 (331 words) Published: November 26, 2007
Save the Last Dance

Save the last dance is a movie that is about a young lady who, in her younger years danced ballet, and was good at it. She had a goal of getting into Juilliard, which is a prestigious school for the fine arts. After her mother was killed in a car accident, she decides to quit dancing, and moves to the inner city. She?s taken in by a group of friends who frequent a dance club. She soon learns that ballet and street dancing are not the same and have completely different feels and styles to them. She falls in love with one of the guys that dances there and he in turn, helps her re-find her inspiration to try out for Juilliard and continue dancing. This movie was my least favorite of the movies that I watched, I think primarily due to the racial issues that are addressed, and it was one of those movies that had many issues, and dancing seemed to almost be the fake theme, sort of second to the love theme. There was however some fun dancing in it, although most of it was rather provocative, I don?t see a HUGE difference between that and a well-done Latin dance. I recognize it?s a different skill set, but at the same time the dancing in the movie is impressive, respectively. I honestly think there was very little to learn about dancing from this movie. First off, again, I can?t see myself (a tall, white, Mormon boy) dancing in that style. There was some break-dance, some freestyle, but mostly just ?freak-dancing?, so yeah. However I, like from ?Shall We Dance?, I learned how dancing can really become someone?s outlet, and escape from things and help them relax, and think clearly. I could definitely passed on the drama and the romance associated with it in this movie, but it still served its purpose in entertaining me.
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