Save the Earth from Its Near Destruction

Topics: Global warming, Oxygen, Carbon dioxide Pages: 1 (271 words) Published: June 25, 2013
Save The Earth from its near Destruction

Reaction Paper in the documentary “The 11th Hour”
Human and environment are interconnected. What we do to the earth will return to us also humans. Because of taking things for granted, our environment is undergoing to destruction. This movie, The 11th Hour, serves us an eye-opener to its audience. The root of earth destruction began when trees in forest were cut down. Tree is our main supplier of oxygen and they lessen the carbon dioxide in the environment that makes the earth cool. We are experiencing global warming because we are not a good steward of this earth. Cutting down trees irresponsibly and overfishing are some of the evidence that we abuse the earth. As a result, landslides, strong typhoons and abnormal weather condition are happening to us today. One of the evidence also of earth is the pollutants in the air and water that makes people sick of hard to heal disease such as cancer. We could see this abuse on earth but ironically we are not doing something about it. Yet the worst, we are focusing on economic growth to the point that we disregard the nature. It’s not yet too late to act. Save the earth from its destruction. If not now, when? How will be the life of future generation if we didn’t take the first step to prevent the earth from its future destruction? There are many ways to save the earth like, plant trees and have a self discipline. It’s not yet too late. The clock is not yet striking 12, it’s only the 11th hour.
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