Save the Earth by Leonardo de Caprio

Topics: Leonardo DiCaprio, Earth, Famine Pages: 2 (438 words) Published: July 10, 2011
11th Hour

The urgent message is “Save the Earth”. It’s a message that has been heard before and consistently being spread throughout the world. This documentary, which is produced by Leonardo de Caprio, shows how deep we are in the mess we are in with the environmental crisis and how we can get out of it. It warns us about the catastrophic changes in Earth’s ecosystem as the consequence of global warming. Drought, Famine, Severe flooding, Record rainfall, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Forest Fires, Acid rain: this is the result of being ignorant and not caring for our mother earth. Our planet looks like it’s infected with a disease. We turned this once-vibrant planet into a toxic, treeless, lifeless, and overheated trash site. The 11th Hour takes a more emotional view of things. There is a lot of newsreel footage of calamities, famine-stricken people and cattle, starving children, collapsing buildings, dead chickens in a slaughterhouse, and carcasses of dead cows. Those depressing images of Earth-in-crisis that was shown in the film are proof that our planet is slowly dying. It’s really heart-breaking to see those people from poorer countries who suffer the most because most of the rich countries get their resources from them. It’s unfair because they can’t do anything about it and they depend on the work the rich countries provide them. The 11th Hour is a request for harmony, a warning against our cruel intentions toward the planet because the Earth is fighting back in the only way it can. We are beginning to see that we are destined to lose this battle, this war for survival. As Agent Smith said in The Matrix, it is inevitable, except this time we are not locked in battle against machines but rather nature. We are a disease, a virus spreading like wildfire. The population has exploded from the point in the 1800s when we first reached 1 billion to the 1960s when we crossed the 3 billion mark to the more than 6 billion people infecting Mother Earth today. The film...
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