Save Paper-Save Tree!!!!!

Topics: Paper, Recycling, Greenhouse gas Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: October 5, 2012
It is amazing that after so much hype that Go Green initiatives in their various forms and avatars have got, the results of entire exercise has been near nil.
Though we know about the impact our action can create, we actually continue doing the same actions with same non chalant attitude ! It is simply a matter of "choice"! we have the power to control most of our choices and, therefore,the impact we create, from where we live to what we buy, eat, and use the light our homes to how we use ours natural resources. It the time we put ours thinking caps to brainstorm for the ways to contribute toward saving our mother earth.Take for instance our easy going attitude toward paper. Paper plays important role in ours lives. The newspaper , cereal box, shopping bags, the tissue paper, toilet paper, books, magazines, labels; it almost omnipresent. When paper is such intense part of ours lives and we know trees need to be cut down to make it, why not be more judicious while using it. It takes about 24 trees to make a tons of paper and the paper industry ranks 4th in contributing the greenhouse gas emissions, and contribute about 9% of manufacturing sector's carbon emissions. Paper usage is rising by around 20% every year,with the average office worker using approximately 50 sheets of paper every day in typical offices. Yes, use of paper is unavoidable but we are sure make a difference towards environment based on how responsible we use it.Paper accounts for more than half of all municipal solid waste.Saving paper will decrease waste going for dump in the outskirts which in turn will reduces pollution, energy usage in production, transportation and recycling new paper product and also majority reduce the cutting of trees to make new paper. Some following ways can bring much change and can save our mother earth:-

* Watch out for the excessive use of paper. Most of companies strives to make a paperless environment , but hardly succeed because the employees do not...
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