Save Our Environment

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At Home
Adjust Your Water Heater
– By turning your water heater down to 130 degrees Fahrenheit, you can save energy. •Clean Your Fridge – Refrigerators use a tremendous amount of energy every year. To cut down on waste, clean the condenser coils every year. Also, do not keep the temperature unnecessarily low. •Recharge Your Batteries – If you recharge your batteries, you will save money and help stop multiple environmental problems. You can prevent potentially hazardous metals from getting into landfills or the air, where they can be dangerous. So, buy rechargeable batteries and recharge them. •Recycle – It is essential that you start the recycling process at your own home. Sort out recyclable materials, which includes everything from plastic bottles to printer cartridges. •Stop Junk Mail – If you stopped all the junk mail that comes to your house, you would save the equivalent of 1.5 trees every year. •Take Short Showers – If a family of four took 10-minute showers, they would use 1400 gallons of water every week. As a result, cutting down even a little bit can save a huge amount of water. •Use Fluorescent Lights – Fluorescent lights will last at least ten times as long as other light bulbs. In addition, they use only one-fourth as much energy, saving you money in the long run. •Use Reusable Goods – Everything that you throw away at home ends up in a landfill. Whenever you can, use reusable goods in place of disposable goods. For example, in the kitchen, use rags instead of paper towels. On the road

Avoid Overfilling the Tank
– The gas pump will eventually click and tell you when your tank is full of gas. Do not try to fill the tank beyond that point because doing so will create pollution. •Carpool – Driving releases a huge number of toxic chemicals into the air and damages the environment. If you can carpool, you will cut down on the amount of pollution that is created. •Do Not Tailgate – By having to stop and then accelerate again...
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