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  • Published : February 8, 2013
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Graphics Tablet: Used for Computer Aided Design (CAD) and other graphics work. It is a flat, pressure senstive board that you press on with a special pen. It makes it easier to draw, just like using a pen or pencil.| | Touch Sensitive Screen: There are two types:|  |

1. Often used on information kiosks and gaming machines where your finger touches the screen, breaking an invisible infra red grid. The computer can tell where your finger is by which beams are broken and sends this informaton to the computer.| | 2. Used on palmtop and tablet computers where a flat screen is pressure sensitive and sends a signal ack to the computer when it touched by a plastic stick called a stylus. This is often used with handwriting recognition software to allow the user to enter data. The software is "taught" the shapes of letter that the user uses and then as the user writes on the touch screen the shapes are interpretted into text.| | Scanners: Used to input what is on paper (hardcopy) into the computer. This includes pictures, photographs and text. Text can be recognised by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software that examines a scanned image for letters and other characters that it recognises and then converts it into a document that you can edit.| | Microphone: Used to input sound. It can be used along with voice recognition software to enter text. The software is "trained" to recognise the way a user speaks and then converts the sounds into text. When using a microphone the computer needs to fitted with a sound card. This contains a processor and RAM used specifically for converting analogue sound to digital and for improving the quality of audi output.| | Digital Cameras: Digital cameras are used in just the same way as ordinary film cameras with the exception that the user can look at pictures that have been taken and delete the pictures they not like. Digital Video Cameraare commonly used to record video clips.| | Webcams: are very basic digital...
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