Save as Many as You Ruin, Analysis

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  • Published : June 18, 2011
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Save as Many as You Ruin by Simon Van Booy
The use of mood and contrasts in the story
This text is a short story by Simon Van Booy written in 2007. It is composed in a way that it craves all your attention when you read it as it jumps between present and past tense several times. The main character is Gerard, a man who lives in Manhatten, USA. He must have been growing up in England as it is mentioned that his prep school was English. In the beginning of the text we find out that it seems to be important to Gerard to make his life an extraordinary one and to become a person who stands out from the crowd. When he thinks about the mannequins (l.28-30) it might be because he is afraid ending up like one himself – empty, boring, meaningless and without ability to feel or taste anything. His fear of ending up not being able to feel anything is interesting as his relationship to women is also very special. Gerard lives with his eight years old daughter, Lucy, and he loves Lucy extremely much. She is a smart and sweet girl. He must be a hardworking man since he has hired the nanny Indira to take care of Lucy in the evening and cook for them. The way he treats Lucy and Indira shows that he is a very warm person. His relationship with women is very complicated. The way the reader gets to know the truth about his relationships is when he suddenly meets his “ex-lover”, Laurel. At first we get the impression that he very well might end up like those mannequins he thought about because it is written that he is the type of man who sleeps with women but does not let them get close to him emotionally. When Lucy one day in future is grown and moves to another place, his life will be empty. When he meets Laurel and explains to Lucy why he is home that late, she indicates that these kinds of “visiting friends” has been going on for a long time, because she can guess what has happened. Only once Gerard has let a woman get close to him. Eight years ago he met Lucy’s mother,...
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