Save as Many as You Ruin (Analysis and Interpretation)

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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‘Save as many as you ruin’
Analysis and interpretation by Simone Weilborg

The British author Simon Van Booy wrote ‘Save as many as you ruin’ in 2007. The short story is about Gerard, approximately in his 40’s. He has a daughter Lucy, a job and lives in New York City. His profession is not given, but I assume his job takes a great deal of time since he has a nanny for his daughter. Gerard is handsome and likes to sleep with women: ‘He has slept with many women. Most knew he would never love them, so they kept a distance, sparing themselves the grief of an ancient pain’. However he has only loved one woman in his entire life: Laurel. Lauren is however not Lucy’s mother, Issy is. While Gerard was dating Laurel he cheated on her with Issy, the wild and sexy aspiring actress and she got pregnant with Lucy. Issy left Gerard and Lucy for a career in Hollywood she never got and eventually died, possible from suicide. ‘When Lucy was six months old Issy went back to Los Angeles of for filling her dream of being an actress’[1] Gerard is very thoughtful, reflective and philosophic. He thinks about life and is scared of becoming nothing, saying his breath and footsteps disappears like it’s nothing special. ‘He wonders if his life is an extraordinary one’[2], ‘Am I like everyone else’[3]. This proofs his awareness of being and could be interpretated to him thinking he’s not leaving any mark or impression on others, his ‘footsteps’ simply disappears. It seems like his life really is a bit boring and I think he might regret cheating on Laurel back then since he lights up as he sees her on his way home from work. It’s been eight years since they last saw each other; they talk and eventually have sex at her place.

There are the huge differences between the two love-interests in his life, Issy and Laurel. Issy is described as sexy, desirable, an amazing lover and probably a bit of a tease. She never took her heels off and sprayed her thighs with perfume. She lied a lot,...
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