Saudi Arabia's International Business Plans

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Darren Adams
September 25, 2012
Saudi Arabia

Today many companies are trying to expand their business in other countries. The country of Saudi Arabia is one of the many countries these companies are looking to expand to. The business opportunities of Saudi Arabia need to be addressed as quickly as possible for companies to get a jump start on their competition and potentially reap the benefits. I will conduct and overview of Saudi Arabia based on population and their growth rate, competitiveness, certain economic freedoms, the ease of doing business, and corruption. After all this information has been gathered it will lead to an informed decision whether to continue research doing business in Saudi Arabia.

According to the CIA Factbook website the world population as of July 2012 is at 7,021,836,029. The population of Saudi Arabia is 26,534,504 which make it the 46th largest country in the world. It is expected to have a 1.523% growth rate in 2012, which ranks it 78th out of 230 countries, putting it above average compared to the rest of the world. (CIA-The World Factbook) Due to the current growth rate, the market size is showing stable growth and creating a potential market for companies looking to expand.

According to the Global Competitiveness Index, Saudi Arabia is transitioning from a stage 1 economy to a stage 2 economy. This means their economy is moving a factor-driven economy to efficiency-driven economy. Saudi Arabia has an oil-based economy that is strongly controlled by the government. Their petroleum exports account for 90% of all there exports. The GCI ranked Saudi Arabia as the 2nd most competitive in its region only behind Qatar. (World Economic Forum, 35) The country has seen a number of improvements in its competitiveness recently which has resulted in solid institutional framework, efficient markets, and sophisticated business. Some problematic factors I came across in doing business...
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