Saudi Arabia

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  • Published : May 20, 2012
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Have you ever asked what is the country that has the largest religious tourism? Imagine thousands of people are going to the same place and moving around one place. The most amazing thing that you will notice is seeing all of them are doing the same thing, such as praying and reading the holy book Quraan. Makkah and Madinah, which are the two holy cities for all Muslims are located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This country ,which has a strategic location between Asia and Africa, is the largest country in Middle East . Hundred years ago, King Abdualaziz ,the first ruler of the Saudi Kingdom, initiated his country as oil producing country and built strong base of business. Since that time, most people have visited Saudi Arabia to go to the two holy cities and do business .

Saudi Arabia has special standing in Muslims hearts' since it is holding the two holy mosques. Million of Muslims is visiting Makkah and Madinah yearly to perform their religion. All of them want to pray and to pilgrim in Makkah. These people have huge diversity in colours, social statues and ages. Even though they came from different countries, have different backgrounds and speak different languages , they organized themselves in line when the prayer time is come. These phenomenon is hard to imagine if you do not live these moments by yourself.

The second special thing in Saudi Arabia is being oil industrial country. When king Abdulaziz has became a ruler, he invited other countries' companies for oil exploration. As a result of that, oil revolution stared and Saudi has became oil producing country with strong base in commerce. Now, there are a lot of companies and oil industries which distributed in the country. Moreover, Saudi is considered as a largest country which exports oil and its products to different countries in the world. For example, Saudi has 49 places to produce oil and export it globally. That makes the country is big country in business. This industrial...
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