Topics: Bohol, Public transport, Bus stop Pages: 2 (753 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Ceres Entry: A Breakthrough in Local Land Transportation
Written by: The Bohol Chronicle

The entry of the Southern Star under the Villacarta Ceres Bus Co. earned praises and satisfaction from the riding public due to their better services compared to the old bus operators, wherein the public appreciated the company's 20-minutes terminal departure intervals. In an interview by the Chronicle last Thursday, Loloy Palasan, the operations manager of the Southern Star, responded to the barrage of callers and texters who praised their company, by assuring the public that the Southern Star will not stop in looking for ways to better serve the Boholano riding public. Palasan said that they are planning to add more schedules of their units running to the routes of the interior parts of Bohol and to the town of Talibon via Ubay. During the interview, Palasan clarified that that their presence in the province is only to serve the Boholano riding public and their company has no plan to eat up or gobble up small time and old bus operators in the province.  “We are here for friendly competition and the aim of our company is to deliver better services to the Boholano riding public”, Palasan said. The Southern Star operations manager issued the statement after small time and other bus operators here raised their concerns that due to the entry of the Ceres liners, their business will be eaten up as what happened to small time bus operators in Mindanao and Cebu. Hence, their employees such as drivers, helpers and “kunduktors” will eventually lose their job. According to Palasan, the Southern Star is now tied up with the company owners of St. Jude Bus Transit. In fact, they are only running the old routes of the St. Jude transit.

While most of the Boholanos in the Eastern parts were pleased with the entry of the Southern Star, others want the Ceres liner to open new routes bound for Tubigon town as the current buses running in the said routes...
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