Satoshi Tajiri

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Asian Art History
Satoshi Tajiri Contemporary Artist Project

Satoshi Tajiri was born on august 18th 1965 in Tokyo Japan. His father was a Nissan car salesman in his home town of Machida. His name is known by few, yet most people in my generation have bought his products and watched his show without knowing who the man behind the idea was. As a young boy who lived in the rural town of Machida, Satoshi grew to love manga, anime, fantasy series, arcade games, but mostly bugs. He would go outside for hours on end and collect insects to learn their anatomy. His friends gave him the nickname “Mr. Bug”. This would inspire him in works as an adult. In his teenage years he started to write his own fan journal on video games called “Game Freak”. In Japan at the time there were no magazines on videogames. The first issues were hand written and interwoven stapled together in Satoshi’s bedroom. The journal revealed the “secrets” of computer games. His love of gaming got in the way of his school work and he almost did not graduate from school. Tajiri once bought a Famicom and took it completely disassembled it to understand how it worked. His father wanted him to work at The Tokyo Electric Power Company, but he did not agree with his dad. Instead he went on to receive a technical degree in electronics from the Tokyo National College of Technology. Satoshi and his editorial team always dreamt of making better video games. This is where things got serious. He learned the new Family BASIC programing language released by Nintendo. Satoshi’s magazine evolved into the game development company by the same name of Game Freak in 1989. His team won a contest held by Sega for best game idea in their concept of the game “Quinity”. The game was later published by Namco. Then the Gameboy was introduced as a handheld gaming system which would revolutionize the industry. With the addition of link cables two people could play a game together on two different devices. Satoshi then got his...
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