Satisfaction on Restaurants Services

Topics: Economics, Expected value, Expectation Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Literature Review
According to Syed and Carolyn (2006), Customer Satisfaction is dependent on the response of the frontline employees, prices of the food and quality of the food in general. Customer loyalty is frequently used to indicate customer satisfaction (Dube et. al 1994). Customer satisfaction is a psychological concept that relies on the well being as a feeling and pleasure derived out of getting what one had hoped and expected to get from a product of service (WTO, 1985 in Pizam and Ellir 1999). Customer satisfaction with the services and products of a company plays an important role in helping to achieve the company’s success and to survive in the competitive market (Hennig-Thurau and Klee, 1997) Peterson and Wilson (1992) mentioned that customer satisfaction is the primary obligation of a product or services company in order to be successful in the long run. Throughout the past years, the topic about customer satisfaction has been discussed in more than 15,000 academic and trade articles. As a foundation of market concept, customer satisfaction has been determined by academics and researchers as the most important objective of a company. Customer satisfaction is normally measured though conducting surveys. It provides feedback to the company to do analysis and make improvement if there is any dissatisfaction. Acсording to the (Lamb et al, 2011; Schiffman et al 2010; Levens, 2012; Kotler & Armstrong, 2012) Сustomer Satisfaction is essentially a client’s estimation of a good or service in correspondence with their needs and expectations or not. If a product’s performance does not exceed customer’s expectation, they will be dissatisfied. However, customer will be satisfied if the product’s performance meets their expectation. Customer satisfaction includes a lot of factors whether it is satisfaction of the product efficiency, ingesting of a product or providing service. Customers can enhance their satisfaction from other elements such as the...
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