Satisfaction of Tea

Topics: Tea, Camellia sinensis, Tea culture Pages: 30 (5755 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Project report


“Consumer behavior towards consumption of tea”

Submitted by:
Roll no. 47
TYBBA (marketing)

Guided by:
Mr. Zakir A. Patel
Assistant professor

Submitted to:
Naranlala College of Commerce & Management, Navsari
Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat

In partial fulfillment of the requirement for award of degree of BBA

Year- 2010-2011


This is to certify that the project report on “Consumer behaviour towards consumption of tea” is submitted by Mr. Vaghela Vijay J. (T.Y.BBA, marketing) Roll no. 47 to the Naranlala College of Commerce & Management, Navsari in partial fulfillment of degree of bachelor of business administration from the veer Narmad South Gujarat university, surat.

Mr. Zakir a. Patel Dr. R.C. Gandhi (HOD, marketing) Director, NLCCM


This is to certify that Mr. Vijay J. vaghela student of Naranlala College of commerce & management, navsari had done his survey work on “Consumer behaviour towards consumption of tea” at navsari area. For this survey work, he has taken almost two months (dec.15 to march 10, 2011) during his tenure whatever assigns to him, was carried out successfully by him.

We gave him our best wishes or his bright future and success in his carrier ahead.

Place: signature Date:


An Acknowledgement is meant to facilitate all those people who have lent support and help for the successful of the project and I take this opportunity to greatly acknowledge those who have directly or indirectly helped and made this project happen

Firstly, I wish to thank Naranlala College of commerce & management and take this opportunity to thank to our director, Dr. R.C. Gandhi and to our professor Mr. Z.A. Patel (HOD, marketing), who guided me and gave his valuable suggestions and guidance while preparing the project report. It was nice experience for me to work with able guidance; they not only gave information but refined my knowledge about subject

I also want to thanks to the teaching and non teaching staff of the institution for their help to complete my project.

In the end, but not the least I want to give a word of thanks of all my colleagues who were a constant source of inspiration in successful completion in my work.


I, the undersign Mr. Vaghela Vijay j., here by declare that this project work entitled “Consumer behaviour towards consumption of tea” is my own work and is not submitted to any other university or institution for any other purpose.



Table of contents:-

1executive summary
2literature review
3introduction to tea
4history of tea
5research methodology
6data analysis & interpretation
10list of table
11list of figure

Executive summary

Today the importance of project work is increased in business world. Field work is useful tool together information through which various decisions can be taken

My topic for study is “Consumer behaviour towards consumption of tea”. This survey will focus on attitude towards...
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