Satisfaction Level of Employees Working in Bpos and Call Centres

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A Study on the Job Satisfaction Level of Employees working in BPOs and Call Centers in Western Ahmedabad

Parag Soni
Student, MBA-1st Year,
S.K.Patel Institute of Management and Computer Studies,
Gandhinagar, India
Cell No. 9904540127

Rahesh Sutariya
Student, MBA-1st Year,
S.K.Patel Institute of Management and Computer Studies,
Gandhinagar, India
Cell No. 9924499106

Prof. Prakash Chawla
MBA Department,
S.K.Patel Institute of Management and Computer Studies,
Gandhinagar, India
Cell No. 9898277156

The research is aimed at identifying the factors that influence the satisfaction level of employees working in BPOs and Call centers in western Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Employee Satisfaction is one of the major issues in any organization, especially in the modern and youth oriented industry like IT & ITEs, BPOs and Call Centers where attrition rate is as high as up to 20-25%. Employees’ performance, motivation, productivity, and overall contribution depend upon the extent to which employees are satisfied. This research paper provides an overview of the employee satisfaction, investigates major conceptual and practical issues in the study of job satisfaction and examines general and overall job satisfaction among the employees by taking the sample size of 400 employees being equally divided among 10 major BPOs and Call Centers in western Ahmedabad representing the same at national level. The report also focuses on the strategies of H.R. to reduce such a high attrition rate in this industry by drawing recommendations in the end. We find that the satisfaction level of employees is going up in this industry, but challenges remain at the same level. Key words: Employee satisfaction, Job Performance, Attrition Rate, ITEs & BPO & Call Center Industry (Arms of ITEs Sector)

Size, Trends, Facts and Figures of Indian ITEs Sector
Needless to say, Indian IT sector has become an engine growth of Indian economy. It has become a ‘Destination of Choice’ for many players in domestic and global market due to cost effectiveness, availability of talent pool, higher value added services, innovation and transformation and last but not the least serving its role as a full time value adding partner to the client’s businesses.

Figure [ 1 ]: ITEs Sector Performance over a Decade

Year wise performance of Indian IT industry reveals that over a decade, industry’s contribution to GDP has been increasing like anything. It has contributed 7.8 per cent to Indian GDP. If we talk about BPO as an arm of ITEs, its contribution has been 1.5 per cent in 2008 which is expected to reach to 2.5 per cent of India’s GDP by 2012. BPO’s export contribution to GDP has been around 4 per cent.

According to the study, the Indian BPO sector has been annually growing at more than 35 per cent over the past three years in spite of the fact that slowdown hit hard India in 2008 and is currently estimated at US$ 26-29 billion which is the largest growing offshore market in India. While labour arbitrage has been a key driver for this growth, other factors contribution such a tremendous growth such as access to talent, service quality and productivity and time-to-market have gained significant importance.

Some key facts:
* Indian hold a 55 per cent share in global BPO market * Direct employment generator to about 20 million people in India and indirectly 8 million which is one of the largest sector in India’s private sector employment generator * Youth oriented and Sophisticated industry adds 3.5 million graduates and post graduates which no other country in the world has such a mix and scale of human resources * Generation of revenue is 70:30 from foreign and domestic market on an average * Gender ratio 65:35, Male and Female respectively...
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