Satisfaction Among Student Towards Library Facilities and Services

Topics: Library, Research library, Academic library Pages: 15 (3337 words) Published: June 21, 2012
A. Terms of Reference.
On the instructions of Prof. Madya Dr. David Loh Er Fu, this report by Hizrul Ashraf Bin Mohd Razali, Muhammad Zulhaimy Bin Zamri, Mohd Istiqamah Bin Mohd Shafix and Muhammad Izwan Bin Hussain investigates the level of satisfaction on library services among part 5 Finance students in the UiTM Malacca City Campus. This report consist of 27 pages was called for on 11 April 2012 and to be submitted b 24 May 2012 together with his recommendations.

B. Background of Study
UiTM City Campus Malacca was launched on 26 Mac 2007 by the Y.A.B Ketua Menteri Melaka, Datuk Seri Haji Mohd.Ali bin Mohd.Rustam. UiTM Malacca City Campus which is situated at Jalan Hang Tuah, started its operation on 15 December 2006 and being conducted by 11 administration staff. Its academic activity started only on 3 January 2007. At 8 June 2011, UiTM Malacca’s City Campus now has 119 non-academic staffs and 188 academic staffs. Besides that, UiTM also provide many facilities and accommodation such as study hall, ICT room, and library for their students to feel suitable and better when study. Basically, in the library provide table and chair for students to study, provide space for watching television and read newspaper, provide thousands of academic and knowledge books, magazines, provide printer and photocopy machine, service for students to borrow the book, provide computer and internet service to facilitate students find information for their assignment. University libraries today are faced with challenges on several elements such as mega book stores, online information providers, e-learning and multimedia products, document delivery services, and other competitive sources of information that seem to be threatening the role of academic libraries. As a result, university libraries may have to adopt a more strategic direction in which the creation and delivery of service satisfactions for their users play an important role. Hence, there is a need for university libraries to understand the user needs and satisfy their information and research needs, therefore support in an ongoing learning activities. In the following review, the study provides literature on user satisfaction of library services. Each year new students enter the learning environment with different needs, expectations and information gathering skills. This study stated that one element of high quality service is the incorporation of users personal needs and expectations into the development of programs and service. The concept of user satisfaction in the library literature likewise has evolved to include a broader focus on the users’ perspective of the library. User satisfaction can be defined as a personal, emotional reaction to a library service or product. User satisfaction consists of service encounter satisfaction, which the student’s satisfaction with a discrete service encounter and overall service satisfaction, the student’s overall dissatisfaction or satisfaction with the library based on all encounters and experiences with the university.

C. Problem Statement
The UiTM library is used by all students for academic purposes. Sometimes, some students come to the library to find and read some materials to gain more knowledge. Students have a right to speak out and give their opinion on service provided by library. Students will always comment and complain if they are not satisfied with the library services but there is no place for them to speak out. So, we are doing this study to explore and gain the hidden opinion from some students in UiTM about library service and facilities. Everyone will react and cope with situations differently and thus we will have different expectations and experience satisfaction at different levels of intensity. The level of satisfaction among students regarding services and facilities depends on the services provided by library. Dissatisfaction can occur among students if services that are provided are...
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