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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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Nooney, Helen
Mrs. France
English IV, Per. 3
Life on the Moon
Living on the moon is something that most people only dream about. It would be very different than living on earth. The gravity is different than on earth, because on the moon the weight of a person is decreased by one-sixth (“World Book at NASA”). The gravity on the earth will make a human feel like a bouncy ball, because on earth humans can only jump a few feet, but on the moon they can jump about ten times higher. In the future, humans will be living on the moon. Colonization will be brought to the moon by explorers, and humans will be able to breathe the air because of a submarine-type air lock that will produce oxygen. Humans cannot survive without water, but scientists will solve that by melting the lunar poles of the moon. With these findings, humans should be able to live on the moon.

As of now, the only way for explorers to get to the moon is by spaceship. Unfortunately, not everyone can fit in a spaceship, or afford it. So how are humans going to live on the moon? According to Mike Wall, the government is going to build shelters and stations on the moon that people can live in, and places where they can work. This will help them pay off the cost of traveling to the moon (“Mining the Moon’s Water”). Colonization on the moon will happen slowly of course, but over time humans will change their living style. Whatever reason scientists want to build on the moon and for however long or short-term, humans will need to be colonizing the Moon (“Building a Base”).

It will be hard to live with no oxygen, but scientists will be quick to create either temporary air, or create an air-lock around the moon that will keep oxygen inside. This will let humans live in an atmosphere like earth, and even grow plants and raise animals to create a growing economy. If explorers where to want to live on the moon then it would be difficult because there is lack of oxygen. As of now, explorers who...