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  • Published : January 19, 2012
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Ezechias Francoeur
January 19
Satire Lesson 13 an Introduction to Pygmalion

3-2-1 Reflection Sheet
List three details you learned by reading Act 1 of Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw:| 1. I learned about phonetics, which is the science of speech and how it can be used to identify people of different nationalities.2. The flower girl whose name is Eliza is basically stereotyped into being a nothing for the rest of her life because of her speech.3. The character who plays the note taker is actually Henry Higgins, and he is the one who uses phonetics.| What two things do you predict will happen in Act 2?| 1. I predict that in Act 2 Eliza may be in a different town but with the same worries of a beggar because her money has finished.2. I also predict that in Act 2 Higgins will reveal more of himself to the audience.| In two paragraphs, reflect on one time in your life when you were misjudged for the way you speak, or reflect on a time when you misjudged someone else because of the way she or he spoke.| Stereotypes are often placed on the most innocent of bystanders, forced to take on a name or personality which in reality may not be anything like the actual person. Stereotypes are a major problem today and is displayed everywhere on the media such as television, radio and the Internet. Even I myself has experienced the awful event of being misjudged based on the way I spoke or talk. Although the judgment was unfair it was still placed upon me and it felt bad.There are many stereotypes such as white men can’t jump, Mexicans hopped the border, all French are mean, and many more. All of them are often placed upon someone unfairly. There was a time when I was at the store with my friends and everything was going fine when all of sudden two store security guards appear out of nowhere and begin to question me on my whereabouts. I was mistaken for a thief based on a report of black male but also I was stereotyped as a thief simply because I was a black...