Satire on Homework over Break

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Homework Over Break
As I sit here, writing this essay, I cannot help but think, what a mundane break it would have been if I had no homework to do. In fact, break should not be called break, if each and every student is not assigned some kind of exciting, thrilling school work to take home to do during the time-abundant, otherwise overwhelmingly boring, break.

As a matter of fact, for the diligent, unceasingly studying students that we are, there would be nothing for us to do during break, a three week long limbo; no beach to go to, no families to visit, no parties to attend, no friends to go out with, no museum to explore, boring sports games to go to, no tv or movies to watch, no music to listen to, absolutely nothing fun to do over break, that is, without homework.

What more can a student who had a time of easy studying during finals week ask for than more work to prove his intelligence? It is the dream of every highschool student going off to break. It would even be better if we have multiple teachers who are generous enough to assign homework, so that there is no need to stress over what we to do once all our homework is perfected.

As I sit on the porch on new years eve, overlooking the new years party on beach, the dull bonfire, the boring music, and lifeless games, I cannot help but see them as pathetic individuals. They are pathetically trying to fill their time, with obviously boring activities, for three hours leading to the countdown. With only half a minute left until the new year, I could see their relief, even from afar. Clearly, these people just want to escape to their serene home and pity themselves and their lack of homework over break. While the fireworks explode, lighting the sky in a dreadful arrange of dull colors, I can’t help but think, these people need help, need to go back to school, and get sincere and thoughtful teachers who assign homework over break.

After three weeks of living among those individuals who were so...
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