Satera Team Case Study

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Satera Team Case Study

Question 1
First of all Pinto should plan to take time before meeting each man to unbundle the problems that he wants to address. In this case, Pinto should look at the content (what just happened), patterns (what is happening over time) and relationship (how is it affecting his relationship with Lovas and Bennett?) Pinto needs to ask himself, “What are the real consequences of the tension between Lovas and Bennett?” What are the consequences to the team, to the project, to the company? Thinking through the consequences will help clarify what he should discuss. After establishing a list of the things that he sees as issues, he should prioritize them. This will help Pinto know what is most important to address. Finally Pinto should consider the true intentions of both Lovas and Bennett. Why do they constantly put down each other’s ideas? Why do they quarrel and fight at the expense of the project? These presumed intentions will help Pinto understand how to best confront Bennett and Lovas later on.

Next, Pinto needs to avoid jumping to conclusions regarding their behavior and he needs to master his stories. There are several events Pinto needs to consider. First why did Bennett and Lovas initially clash when asked to come up with a prototype together? Why did Lovas roll his eyes during Bennett’s proto demonstration? During the prototype presentation Bennett rudely started plugging his prototype immediately after Lovas’s demonstration. Pinto had, “… imagined that Bennett was upset because Lovas’s prototype had performed so well.” Consider the argument in the hall the Pinto overheard. He might quickly presume that Bennett is overbearing and rude, but this would be making attribution errors. It’s critical that Pinto ask the question, “Why would Bennett, a reasonable, rational and decent person attack Lovas and get defensive this way?” Considering the 6 sources of influence and Bennett’s comments in the break room, it...
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