Satement of Purpose

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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE “Three important managerial skills that must be cultivated and enhanced are technical, human, and conceptual. The degree of development a manager has in each of these three skills will have a strong impact not only upon the success of the organization but also upon the career success of the manager,” wrote Robert L. Katz in ‘Skills of an Effective Administrator’ in Harvard Business Review January-February 1955 issue.

There is no denying the fact that both technical as well as management (human & conceptual) skills are essential for a project to succeed. But it is always easier to get technical experts on a team than a technical SME (subject matter expert) who has good people management skills and the patience to follow through with all the administrative processes along with project management.

Now after the completion of my bachelors in Computer Science Engineering and obtaining a strong technical background, I intend to hone my management capabilities. This, I believe, will help me work in a more responsible position in an engineering set up. I wish to be a part of the top management in an IT company. I believe that a combination of Engineering and management will equip me to contribute in a better way to the industry as well as the society.

At our college a lot of stress was laid on learning through practical experience. To fulfill the requirements of the curriculum I underwent a six weeks internship at Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, a premier R&D organization of Ministry of Communications & Information Technology. The organization is an epitome of research where the experts from all over the country conduct their research work.

I was trained by the top notch engineers in JAVA Technologies and learnt JAVA and Core-JAVA languages. I was also involved in a project ‘Phonebook Entry’ based on Core-JAVA which kept records of individuals and had the capacity to automatically...
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