Satellite Channel Revolution in Bangladesh

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History of satellite channel
1st TV channel of Banladesh
Concept of Satellite Television in Bangladesh
Development of Satellite Television (STV) in Bangladesh
Background Information(Growth of TV Channels in Bangladesh) List of Bangladeshi satellite channel
1st satellite channel of Bangladesh
Programmes show in Bangladeshi satellite channel
TV news in banladeshi satellite channels
Beginning of the Change in Bangladesh
Cable Connection in Dhaka City
TV without Border (CNN entry in Bangladesh)
Satellite Television Asian Region (STAR) in Bangladesh
Zee TV and other Hindi Language Channels in Bangladesh
Different type of impact due to satellite channel in bd

INTRoDUCTION : What is revolution ? A revolution is a fundamental change in power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short period of time . Satelite channel revolution of Bangladesh has started . Now-a-days in Bangladesh various satellite channel have been brosdcasting . Among them there is many bengladeshi satellite channels & also have different type of country outside channels . In countries where information has been tightly controlled , the channels allow people access to new new ideas and cultures . Governments may lose some of their influence as people demand things their government cannot provide. For example , in Libya poor people demand the products they see on Italian television . So , we can see that satelite channel change national habits . Same thing happens in Bangladesh today . which is we can call satellite channel revolution . History of satellite channel : In 1976 , Home Box Office (HBO) made history by initiating satellite delivery of programming to cable with the heavyweight boxing match know as “The Thriller From Manila” . Also in 1976 , as a result of his private experiments with video transmission from communications satellites , the first consumer Direct To Home (DTH) Satellite System was created in a most unusual place – in the garage of Stanford University Professor and former NASA scientist Emeritus H. Taylor Howard . It was a large dish-shaped antenna that he used to pick up programs that cable TV content providers offered for distribution to their subscribers . When Mr. Howard wrote a check for $100 to HBO to pay for movies he had watched, the company returned his check , saying that it dealt only with large cable companies , not individuals . Howard then published a how-to-do-it manual on his system . Soon afterward, with mechanical engineer Bob Taggart , he co-founded Chaparral Communications Inc. of San Jose to produce the parts for the system that he continued to improve . Within six years, Chaparral became a $50 million company . Back in 1977 , Pat Robertson launched the first satellite-delivered basic cable service called the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) , later The Family Channel . Others followed suit , such as Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) . Also , there was the establishment of SPACE , the Society for Private and Commercial Earth Stations (the Satellite Television Industry Association , Inc.) and COMSAT/Satellite Television Corporation’s request to construct and operate a Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) system . The satellite TV industry was growing . 1st TV channel of Banladesh : In Bangladesh the Television was arrived at 1964 . The first TV Channel of Bangladesh is BTV (Bangladesh Television) . After arriving BTV in Bangladesh history ; the Bangladeshi people firstly introduced with the entertainment media . The continuous development on the Entertainment sector in Bangladesh has risen drastically and now a day some “Live Bangladesh TV” has already been in air. Concept of Satellite Television in Bangladesh : The sophistication of telecommunication in a given region depends on the economy of that area. The 'have' nations involve the well-developed communication systems while the ‘have-not’...
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