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  • Published: January 28, 2013
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SAT Vocabulary Words
Princeton Review

List 1
1. Resourceful: able to find solutions
2. Strive: try hard, make a major effort
3. Utility: usefulness
4. Resolute: strongly determined
5. Comprehensive: including everything, complete
6. Meticulous: very careful, attentive to detail
7. Integrity: honesty, moral uprightness
8. Ingenuity: cleverness, originality
9. Serene: calm, peaceful
10. Tranquility: calmness, peacefulness
11. Inaudible: too quiet to be heard
12. Subdued: quiet, controlled, lacking in intensity
13. Tacit: implied, not stated outright
14. Stoic: having great emotional control
15. Incorrigible: not capable of being reformed
List 2
1. Prodigal: wasteful
2. Unseemly: inappropriate, in poor taste
3. Slothful: lazy
4. Truant: someone who cuts school or neglects his or her duties 5. Implausible: not possible, not imaginable
6. Impudence: bold disrespect or rudeness
7. Plagiarist: a person who presents someone else’s writing as his or her own 8. Mediocrity: ordinariness, lack of distinction
9. Presumptuous: bold to the point of rudeness or inappropriateness 10. Arrogance: overconfidence, being overly impressed with oneself 11. Ambiguous: unclear, having more than one meaning

12. Vacillation: wavering, going back and forth
13. Vague: unclear, not precise
14. Amorphous: having no set shape or structure
15. Tentative: unsure, temporary, not definite

List 3
1. Skeptical: showing doubt and disbelief
2. Precarious: uncertain, unstable, insecure
3. Systematic: thorough, regular
4. Verifiable: able to be proven true
5. Methodical: orderly, having a set system
6. Objective: not affected by personal feelings
7. Unbiased: without prejudice, not taking sides
8. Temper: make less extreme, to moderate
9. Conventional: traditional, mundane
10. Deliberate: well thought out, intentional; consider carefully...
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