Sat Nav Product Usage (Tomtom)

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Product Usage

How is TomTom XL IQ Used
The TomTom XL IQ is used by plug & go which means the device couldn't be simpler to use as all you do is plug in and tap the touch screen. The simplified menu makes it easy to navigate through the device and find your destination. Also used for the text to speech feature for helping you to keep your eyes on the road, spoken instructor tells you street names, to make turnings even clearer. TomTom XL IQ is used for the advance lane guidance that clearly shows which lane to take at junctions so you don’t miss your turning. On the most difficult highway intersections there is realistic 3D representation of the junction which keeps you relaxed and safe. The device is used by downloading the latest software and maps that the customer needs so can be tailored for each individual. The TomTom XL IQ is then placed in the car to be used when the driver is unfamiliar with roads and needs a mapping device form start to finish of journey. TomTom have tried to make the device easy to use so the customer make think what were they doing without such a device before.

Situation when TomTom XL IQ would be used
TomTom XL IQ main use is to help drivers reach their destination. The most common use of this device is for a mapping service of when the driver is unfamiliar with roads and which way to reach the destination. A common time to use a Sat Nav is when visiting another country that the person is unfamiliar with and is planning on driving while there. For example a tourist visiting Iceland for the first time and is hiring a car for the duration of their visit will need a Sat Nav to help get around as roads are different and sign posts would be difficult to read as not in their native language. Sat Navs are replacing traditional road maps to make the journey easier on the driver as the Sat Nav tells you were to go so your eyes don’t have to come off the road and you can stay in control the whole and can relax in knowing the up to...
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