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Topics: Leonardo da Vinci, Florence, Italy Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: May 14, 2013
These days in the society where new things are being invented and developed every second, creativity is the key to become successful. The ability to come up with one’s own idea is a remarkable skill to have. Some say that creativity involves taking ideas from others, rather than complete originality. In fact, taking ideas from others and converting those ideas into a whole new item is what is called true creativity.

In the movie ‘Freedom Writers’, the main character, Ms. Gruwell, the new teacher to the high School in Long Beach displays the genuine sense of creativity. Appalling family backgrounds and dreadful upbringings of the students has resulted in threatening atmosphere of the school where students are racially divided and gang-infested. For them who are opposed of being taught, Ms. Gruwell comes up with prodigious and new way of educating. Her ways of teaching such as playing games, giving writing lessons and reading books completely changed the attitudes of students towards life. However, looking at the base of these methods, they are not completely original. They are the typical educating system that every student goes through. Ms. Gruwell however renews these into a whole new and creative item. Through her outstanding creativity, the idea of lecturing about world history turns into talking about personal experiences and backgrounds, elaborating on each historical event based on those conversations. Coming up with better ideas from underlying bases is the real creativity.

One of the most famous artists from Renaissance period, Leonardo Da Vinci shows the ideal creativity through his work. His well- known work ‘The Last Supper’ represents the sight, Jesus having a supper with his Twelve Apostles. The book ‘Leonardo da Vinci and the art of sculpture’ by Gary Radke says that originally in the painting, Jesus was holding a silver cup. In late1400s, when Leonardo’s friend was introduced to the work of Leonardo, he pointed out the cup and how it stood...
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