Sassy Pants

Topics: Comedy, Humour, Humor Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: March 20, 2013
“Sassy Pants” is an independent film about a girl named Bethany, or shall I say new adult, who starts out the film living with her controlling mother. She graduates from her home-school high school and has dreams of going to an actual college, that isn’t online. However, her mother lacks the finances to do so. She frequently disagrees with her mother who causes her to move in with her dad and his lover, Chip, at a point. That turned out to be short lived after her mom tells her that her grandma is ‘dying’ which turns out to be completely untrue, and was a ploy to get her to move back to her mother’s house. She also is in love with the guy across the street, who happens to be going into the marines. She always got a job at another clothing store where she blossomed and began to sell her designs there to save up for fashion school, which was her ultimate dream. She loses that job as well but gets into the fashion school of her dreams and goes off to college there. I found this film humorous, enjoyable, charming, and overall a delightful film to watch.

The film “Sassy Pants” was enjoyable because of its humor. It wasn’t an overall comedy film but it had its moments. There was a scene I felt was especially funny, well, according to my standards. It was during the time that her grandma was bed-ridden, and Bethany’s brother walks into his grandma’s room and smells something vile, and thinks it is the dog but, it turns out to be his grandma, and I thought it was funny just the way they acted it out, and how it happened. The film itself was filled with bits of humor, occasionally cheesy, but funny. The film “Sassy Pants” was also enjoyable because of its charm. There may have been some awkward scenes, but that was drowned out by charming or adorable, scenes. There aren’t really specific scenes that it occurs that are major, but it is sort of spread out throughout the whole movie. Even the tragic or sad scenes were well layed out and I just enjoyed the effect they...
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